ZHIK F18 US Nationals 2014: Roll the dices

On Thursday the F18 sailors had ‘a day off’. After five though races on Wednesday with 18+ knots they had had to deal with 4-6 knots conditions today. The first race was held in a dying breeze going from about 8 knots to 4 by the end. The PRO, Mark Foster, held off on the second race for about an hour and a half until the breeze just nudged over 5 knots. The breeze lighted towards the end of the race and the PRO put in another half hour hold until finally the sea breeze filled in giving the sailors a fun final race. Easton/Burd (USA) maintained their lead, Smith/Heuser (Argentina) hold on to second while Casey/Page (USA) hold a solid third.

Leaders of the pack: Michael Easton & Tripp Burd
Tomorrow will be exciting, the prediction is to it’s going to be less then today. If the race committee manage to do some light weather races on Friday everything can happen.
1.     Michael Easton/Tripp Burd 23 points (USA)
2.     Cruz Gonzalez Smith/Mariano Heuser 28 points (ARG)
3.     John Casey/Colin Page 37 points (USA)
4.     Gunnar Larsen/Ferdinand van West 43 points (NED)
5.     Juan Faustin/ Nicolas Aragones  55 points (ARG)
Meanwhile have a look at the scores and photos of today: https://www.facebook.com/F182014