ZHIK US F18 Nationals 2014 on fire!

Tuesday races F18 US Nationals 21-10-2014-1606On Tuesday the weather was totally different compared to Monday. Sun, 15+ knots of breeze… perfect for a day of Formula 18 sailing! The Race Committee managed to pull off four races. At the end of the day the wind was building and peaked to 18 knots. Michael Easton and Tripp Burd are still leading the pack. There are two ties in points: Casey/Page and the Argies Smith/Heuser are three points behind the leaders. Tomko/Atwood and the F18 World Champions Larsen/Van West are 9 points behind.

Micheal Easton: “We were very happy with how things went today. The breeze cooperated nicely and we were able to get some awesome champaign sailing in. Corpus Christi is definitely showing us it’s best and we’re hoping for more of the same (or more wind) tomorrow.”

Easton continued: “The boys from Argentina were on fire today. I’m guessing that the choppy conditions on the bay are similar to what they sail in at home in Buenos Aries, but they were able to get in a perfect rhythm with the waves and just pull away from just about everyone.”
Tomorrow the forecast is for similar conditions as today so we expect the fleet to continue to condense as everyone figures out the bay and continues to improve their level of sailing.


  1. Michael Easton/Tripp Burd 8 points (USA)
  2. John Casey/Colin Page 11 points (USA)
  3. Cruz Gonzalez Smith/Mariano Heuser 11 points (ARG)
  4. John Tomko/Jonathan Atwood 17 points (USA)
  5. Gunnar Larsen/Ferdinand van West 17 points (NED)

Full results: http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=8448&show_crew=1

In the gallery of the F18 US Facebook eventpage you’ll find all photos of the event: https://www.facebook.com/F182014