Class Rules


Always go to the dedicated F18 page on World Sailing website to get the latest info. Please note that Cloth List is now published as Appendix D in the Class Rules.

Revision History

Revision titleSizeEffective
2024 Class Rules1,303.4 KB01/01/2024
2024 Class Rules Changes153.7 KB01/01/2024
2023 Class Rules1,230.4 KB15/07/2023
Temporary change on trapeze wires connection point height29/05/2022
2021 Class Rules1,509.3 KB06/05/2021
2021 Amendments298.3 KB05/05/2021
Updated Class Rules mark-up against CR 10 June 201910/07/2020
2020 Class Rules1,086.6KB14/01/2020
2019 Class Rules v37,689.2KB10/06/2019
2019 Class Rule Changes v3292.2KB10/06/2019
2019 Class Rules v21,123.7KB20/01/2019
2019 Class Rule Changes v2118.1KB20/01/2019
2019 Class Rules1,123.8KB10/01/2019
2019 Class Rule Changes126.9KB10/01/2019
2018 Class Rule Interpretation171.8KB10/10/2018
Interpretation on fairing10/10/2018
Amendment on jib decksnuffer27/06/2018
Amendment on sail measurement procedure27/06/2018
2018 Class Rules1,122.6 KB27/06/2018
Statement on jib deck sweeper presented at 2018 Australian Nationals24/01/2018
2017 Amendments61.4 KB26/09/2017
2016 Cloth List Update 248.7 KB27/09/2016
2016 Cloth List Update48.7 KB22/03/2016
2016 Class Rules1.266 KB26/02/2016
2015 Cloth List Update36.2 KB23/03/2015
2014 Cloth List Update46.3 KB20/02/2014
2013 Class Rules v21.663.9KB20/06/2013
2013 Class Rules1,651.0KB01/01/2013
2013 Amendments36.2 KB20/06/2013
2013 Updated Cloth List46.3 KB01/052013
2012 Class Rules224.6KB21/02/2012
2012 Amendments44 KB21/02/2012
2012 Interpretations42.7 KB16/02/2012
2010 Amendments31.4 KB30/06/2010
2010 Class Rules515 KB30/06/2010
2010 Revised Cloth List52.8 KB17/03/2010
2009 Amendments29.2 KB01/11/2009
2009 Class Rules165 KB12/06/2009
2008 Emergency Rule Change15.2 KB27/06/2008
2008 Approved Cloth List33 KB03/06/2008
2007 Class Rules162.3 KB01/07/2007
2007 Amendments17.1 KB06/06/2007
2005 Amendments9 KB11/01/2005
2005 Approved Cloth List11 KB27/05/2005
2003 Class Rules181.1 KB01/03/2003
2002 Class Rules163.3 KB01/03/2002
2002 Amendments6.2 KB01/03/2002