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Find your next F18 easily with the Formula 18's market page

The Formula 18 catamaran bring a bunch of qualities that sailors needs

Find your next F18 with the Formula 18's market page

The Formula 18 gauge boats are wonderful catamarans that can be used for a wide variety of programs. From pure racing, to raiding, to cruising.

Modern Formula 18s are advanced, high performance boats that are suitable for expert and demanding crews looking for speed and ease of handling to compete for podiums. The Nacra and Goodall productions are currently the most advanced boats in this field.

But the Formula 18 class also allows more sensation-oriented, discovery or raid sailing programmes to find the boat that suits them.

This page presents the Formula 18 catamrans used boats market, boats of all makes and generations are presented all over the world. You are sure to find the right second hand boat for your programme.

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