F18 Raid Worlds Champions

International F18 Class Association decided to create a dedicated Raid Worlds title in 2017, as long distance racing was the true core of F18 when designed in 1993. Choice has been made to select well established events to host the Championship, starting with Stockholm Archipelago in 2017, then retaining Costarmoricaine Raid in North Brittany.
Last edition has been sailed 26 January – 2 February 2020 during Martinique Cata Raid.
Please find below complete list of F18 Raid Worlds winners. Click on names to get full results.

2020Martinique Cata Raid – FRAFranck Cammas – Matthieu Vandame (FRA)
2018Costarmoricaine Raid – FRABenoit Champanhac – Hugo Dhallenne (FRA)
2017Stockholm Archipelago – SWELeff Dahl – Roger Bodén (SWE)