The Wild Bunch !

The Wild Bunch !
2013 Worlds in Marina di Grosseto

Sunday, 27 July 2014

10 Local Tips for F18 Nationals USA in Corpus Christi (Oct 20-24th)

Last weekend, Jeff Dusek had a warm-up race in Corpus Christi at the site of the F18 Nationals.  Based upon the warm up race, they have some tips to help you out with the event in October from 20-24th.

To read all tips & tricks on the F18US website, click here!

If you are not registered yet, please get registered as soon as possible! Check out the for information on the hotel and registration. Register on-line at

Saturday, 26 July 2014

2nd edition Raid Round Chausey - Entries are open

In the weekend of 23-24 August there will be a very nice F18 Regatta: The Raid Round Chausey. It's the 2nd edition of the Round the Islands race in France. "Spread the word!"

Entries are open now, so make sure you'll be there. Click here to fill in the entry form.  All information is of course available on the website.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Newsletter No 9.

International Formula 18 Catamaran Association
July 2014. 

Ukraine Air Disaster
This awful crash affected many countries in the world, but none more than our friends in the Netherlands. Our condolences go to all involved and our sympathy to all our Dutch sailors and friends upon their National loss.

Worlds 2014
All sailors who attended the regatta in Ireland will look back with great satisfaction. It truly was a “regatta to remember”. This is due to the people in the Club, many said that there were so well received that they were made to feel like royalty. There was a spontaneous round of applause at the Sailors Meeting when one leading experienced international stated that he had never received such help and support. We thank all our Irish friends who made the occasion so special and of course they have created a standard which others will be expected to follow.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

BBC coverage of the F18 Worlds 2014

We had a visit from the BBC on Monday. Their coverage was broadcasted twice. We are very happy to see the enormous interest for F18 sailing and all reports by the BBC, national and local newspapers during the whole event.

Go and have a look at the BBC report:

Westpoint Regatta- San Francisco F18

Fifty-four boats signed up for the Westpoint Regatta, and four of them didn’t have keels. Our local F18 fleet decided to splash our boats at Treasure Island and participate in the race around Alcatraz, down the Bay to finish at Redwood City. F18s were the smallest and fastest boats in the fleet.

The conditions were bumpy, but manageable and the wind was switched on in the slot. There was a little bit of everything sailing on Saturday: ebb tide, confused seas, raging flood, brisk wind, big holes and a capsize. Tactics played a huge part, but after three hours of racing and 40 miles of sailing, the entire F18 fleet finished within 15 minutes of each other.

“That was some great racing,” said Nick Grebe who crewed on Water Bison. “There were some slow pockets,” but we spent the vast majority of the race doing over 15-knots on long trapped out legs.”
Grebe was grateful that skipper Alex van Brunt took the time to teach him ‘the ropes.’
“I put us in the drink hard on the first leg due to a little trip around the forestay,” said Grebe. “Proving that yes, it is entirely possibly to pitch-pole upwind.” After they capsized, they popped back up and started sailing fast.

“All four boats had a shot at the win,” said skipper Rich Vilvens.
The lead switched at times, but in the end Phillip Meredith and Erwan Griziaux were the first-to-finish and the fastest boat in the entire fleet aboard Aurora. Rich Vilvens and Jake Sailer put in a strong performance on Capricorn and took 2nd place, while Cherie Sogsti and Greg Retkowski sailed into 3rd place on This Side Up. Only four minutes separated 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

“This was our first distance race, and we were happy with our performance, especially considering we gybed down the Bay for over two hours with a torn spinnaker,” said Greg Retkwoski.
Sequoia Yacht Club hosted a rocking after-party with two bands and plenty of libations to quench the thirsty sailors.
Special thanks to our F18 fleet chase boat photographers Dustin Fox and Heather Ouellette.

More info? Check 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Openingceremony F18 Worlds 2014 Ireland

F18 Worlds: Show Time in Ireland!

Today it's showtime for the F18 class. Weather is looking good, the sun is there already and everybody is busy preparing their boats. After a nice practice day the organization did 3 startprocedures and tried to do a practicerace. Unfortunately the wind shifted too much so race was cancelled.

Some teams stayed on the water, further on the lough there was more shifty breeze: ideal for checking their F18s. Some teams were ready to show their (swimming) skills and have been caught in a photoshoot. Go to the F18 Facebook page and check the gallery to stay informed.