The Wild Bunch !

The Wild Bunch !
2013 Worlds in Marina di Grosseto

Monday, 1 September 2014

F18 Americas 2014 Buenos Aires - Argentina

Photo: Fabian Haiek
The 2nd edition of the F18 Americas will this year take place in Argentina. The Yacht Club Argentino (Buenos Aires) will be the host for this spectaculair event for 17th till 21th december 2014. Make sure you'll be there and register before 15th december 2014. The registration fee is only 950 ARG peso (= ~$120 US dollar) for 4 days of racing.

The NOR is already available here.

More info will be available soon at and

Friday, 29 August 2014

Very nice conditions at Raid ROUND CHAUSEY 2014

The 2nd edition of the Raid ROUND CHAUSEY regatta took place the weekend of 23-24 August 2014. Eleven catamarans run on a single track: the bay of Mont Saint Michel and the archipelago of Islands Chausey. The Raid was open to Classes F18 catamarans and interseries with less than 1.04 rating.

On Saturday at the riders' briefing ideal sailing weather  was announced with a windchill of North West from 8-12 knots, sunshine and a slightly choppy sea. The first stage ended in South Chausey entry where the first finishers came in after 2h24min.

Ranking F18 after 1st stage:
  1. Maxime & William Lesguillier - 2h24m0s
  2. Charles & Maxime Hainneville - 15s
  3. Fabrice Walhain and Thierry Pelissier - 2m55s
Ranking other classes after the 1st stage:
  1. François Tapin and Christine Velu - 2h38m31s
  2. François Sangiardi and Matthieu Morel - 1m41
  3. Gilles Provost and J-C Theo - 3m10s
After a picnic on the water, the competitors set off for the second stage: round Chausey and back to Jullouville, after rounding the buoy Videcoq (halfway between Chausey and Granville). From the North of Chausey the spinnakers were hoisted and going downwind with a 12 knots of breeze is like 'magic'. The Hainneville brothers managed to take the lead and finished 1st day of racing in 1st position.

On Sunday, the weather forecast indicated very little wind with a forecast of 5 knots to 1 or 2 knots during the day. The original route was revised and finally make a nice trip to Granville and then back to Jullouville. Under spinnaker in light breeze the boats rounded the buoy towards 'the turret of the Wolf in Granville' and proceeded to Jullouville. But just before Kairon, the wind completely died and finishing within a reasonable time was impossible. This stage was canceled and all boats were towed in.

Final F18 results of the Raid ROUND CHAUSEY 2014:
  1. Charles & Maxime Hainneville - 4h33m15s
  2. Maxime & William Lesguillier - 4h44m10s
  3. Fabrice Walhain and Thierry Pelissier - 4h47m27s
Ranking other classes:
  1. François Tapin and Christine Velu - 2h12m1s
  2. Gilles Provost and J-C Theo - 5h18m34s
  3. François Sangiardi and Matthieu Morel - 5h23m20s

For a nice photo overview of the Raid ROUND CHAUSEY 2014:

Have your F18 Winter Series in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)

Dear F18 sailors,

From the Real Club Nautico - Gran Canaria (RCNGC) we received an invitation for all F18 sailors at have their Winter Series for free! All over Europe there will be 11 containers and various trailers in Huelva (Spain) available where F18 can be loaded to be shipped to Gran Canaria. Because there’s limited free space in the containers the containers might be filled up in no time. Don’t hesitate and make sure your F18 will be in the warm waters of Las Palmas. The Nacra 17 fleet will be in Las Palmas as well, so if you want you can show them your catsailing skills. The entry fee for the 4-day ‘Trofeo Gran Canaria’ regatta is only 70 euros!

To give an idea what you can expect during these sunny winter conditions:

  • The ‘Trofeo Gran Canaria’ regatta from 4th till 8th December 2014
  • The ‘Trofeo Carnaval’ regatta from 9th-11th January and 13th-15th February 2015
  • Join the conference of Pablo Soldano (Ullman Sails) and learn more about sail trimming, tuning and design
  • And much more activities to be revealed later…

Hopefully we warmed you up to get there, here’s the ‘notice of transport’:
  • F18 National Class Associations need to contact Francis Bautista at Make sure you’ll contact your NCA that you and your friends want to be there
  • Make sure you register in time. Entries must be received na later then 20th November 2014. (See Notice of Race)
  • When all ‘free’ containers are filled three extra containers can be arranged, only for F18 fleet. Thanks to a 60% discount (3000,- euro) on the containers, that has been paid by the RCNGC, everything has been done to keep it low cost for the sailors. The total amount that needs to be paid for a round trip, based on 10 F18 boats, will be max. 200 euros. Please contact the RCNGC by email about all opportunities to have your winter series in the sun.

Looking forward to see you all in Gran Canaria in December!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Long Distance Racing 2.0: New England 100 (United States)

Two weeks ago the 22nd edition of the New England 100 was held. Two days of sailing with a minimum of 17 hours (!!!) it took to define who was the winner of this edition. The US-guys know what 'long distance' sailing means. Pete Giuliano (USA 94) wrote a report about the event.

Click here to read the full report.

Top 3:
  1. John Giuliano/Peter Giuliano (USA 94)
  2. Sandra Tartaglino/Max Kramers (USA 1719)
  3. Mike Easton/Tripp Burd (USA 11)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Auction, place your bets!!! Goodall C2 charter @ F18 US Nationals

The Corpus Christi Yacht Club is happy to announce that Fun in the Sun, Red Gear Racing and Goodall Design will be providing a Goodall Design C2 for charter during the US F18 Nationals in Corpus Christi, Oct 20-24th 2014. The use of the charter will be auctioned to the highest bidder and the proceeds will be used by the CCYC for F18 Nationals. The auction is now open and will run until 5 pm (central time US) on September 19th. A minimum opening bid of $1,800 is required – the charter is valued at $3,600! You may submit your bid to Martha Avery, the regatta chair, at The most current bids will be posted on the event F18 US facebook page.

The charter includes insurance, however, the highest bidder will be required to provide a 1,000.00 damage deposit. In addition, they will need to sign a charter agreement. The charter will be available October 17th -24th.

The CCYC wishes to thank Fun in the Sun, Red Gear Racing and Goodall Design for providing the charter and donating the proceeds to the club for use in putting on the F18 Nationals! For more information on the US Nationals, please see

Great conditions at F18 Nordics - Vallensbæk (Denmark‏)

This year winners of the Nordic F18 Champions 2014 are Hans Ulrik Grunert and Eirik Gravdal. A very consistent serie of top results paid out and gave them the golden medal. They were closely followed by their fellow-Norwegian Tim Sandberg & Pål Kirkeby who chased the winners with a equal consistent row of results. The bronze medal was won by the 2013 Nordic Champions champions, Fredrik Karlsson & Nicklas Nordblom from Sweden.

Even the winners had to admit, that the fastest boat on the water was the Swedes Olof Berensson & Oscar Wersall, who was first in 4 of the 7 races overall. But "life is tough" the Swedes learned, as one heavy position from the first racing day in light winds, and a DNF (due to help from a rescue RIB), kicked them out of top 3 overall.

The regatta was attended by a 36 boats from 9 (impressive nine!) different countries. DEN, GER, POL, SWE, NOR, FIN, AUT, FRA and EST. "We are proud to attract such a strong and diverse fleet. This adds prosperity to the F18 class in the Nordic countries", states Jan Jensen (DEN) who ended somewhat down the listbecause of 4 DNS's caused by a broken gen-pole in first race Saturday.

Friday offered light and shifty winds, and the race committee managed to get 2 fair races through, before the wind gave up. Luckily the arranging club Vallensbæk Sejlklub lined up a relaxing lounge atmosphere and free beer in the sun to 'kill time' in the best thinkable way.

Saturday the fleet went out in strong westerly winds gusting up to 30 kn. "It was massive fun, but also a nerve breaking bow down manoeuvre at the top mark. You need technic, balls and a little bit of luck to get it upright down to the gate in 30 knots" said Peter Torngaard (DEN1788) who attended a larger F18 regatta for the first time.

Sunday offered equal conditions, but as the wind increased slightly, the race management understandably decided to send the (remaining) fleet to the harbour and call it a day.

Vallensbæk Sejlklub, just south of Copenhagen, arranged a great championship, supported by a group of motivated of volunteers, who provided solid race management on international level, and a great ambient for socializing and relaxing.

Top 5 results:
  1. Hans Ulrik Grünert/Eirik Gravdal
  2. Tim Sandberg/Pål Kirkebø
  3. Fredrik Karlsson/Niklas Nordblom
  4. Olof Berensson/Oscar Wersäll
  5. Jens Uwe Tonne/Maximilian Said
Full results can be found here.

The 2015 Nordic Championship will be in held Norway, still pending decision on exactly when and where.

Photos: F18 Nordics  (Anders Liebst)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Battle of the Titans at the Eneco Luchterduinen 2014 (Netherlands)

Saturday 16th August the 'Eneco Luchterduinen Race' started in Zandvoort (The Netherlands). This event is open for all catamarans, but is also an official class event for Formule 16, Formule-18 and Carbon 20. All races on Sunday 17th August were cancelled because of 7-8 bft of wind.

Saturday there was a lot of breeze and big waves (maybe the last influence of tropical storm Bertha lwho hit the western part of Europe). 35 of the total of 65 boats have started the long distance race of around 51 km. Only 7 boats made till Noordwijk where the fleet had to turn around and go downwind towards the finish in Zandvoort. Only 4 boats made it to the finish line. Some boats were crashed in the surf on their way in or out and lost their main sail. Others broke their mast when they tipped over during the race or broke some boards. One boat was very unfortune, their hull delaminated/was sliced during the race.

Jorden Veenman and Frank de Waard showed their skills on their Nacra Infusion in these heavy conditions and were unbeatable. From the start till the finish they were leading the fleet and never gave it away. For a long time Rik Duinmeijer/Corstiaan Alessie were in 2nd position, but a broken spinakerpole ended their race. Father and daughter Den Houting (yellow Hobie Wild Cat) took over 2nd position and managed to keep last standing boats behind them till the finishline. Especially when you keep in mind that Babette den Houting is pretty light and these conditions were heavy for even the most experienced catsailors. But she and her father had a good 'training' at the F18 Worlds last month in Ireland.

1. Jorden Veenman/Frank de Waard
2. Jacob den Houting/Babette den Houting
3. Marthijn Elshorst/Peter Schouten
4. Gerard Loos/Pieter Ruitenburg
5 - 65: DNF

Photo: Ronald Brakel -

Facebook of the event:

Official website of the Eneco Luchterduinen Race: