IF18CA World Council to investigate further on jib tack position

During the World Council 2019 Annual Meeting the class agreed that it will further explore the possibility of disconnecting the link between the positions of the jib tack and forestay bridle apex (see draft minutes). This decision was made based on a discussion paper that was circulated among World Council members.

Current Class Rule C.10.3.(a)(2) requires that “the tack point [of the jib] shall not be fixed below the apex of the bridle wire [of the forestay]”.
The purpose of disconnecting the link would be to reduce stress in the hulls, by allowing the bridle apex to move upward.
The purpose would not be to lower the jib position in search of further performance improvement of contemporary F18 designs. A reduction of stress in the hulls will result an increase in longevity and should support resale values of F18s.

The subject will be further investigated by class management during 2020 with an intention to vote on any class rule amendment at the 2020 Annual Meeting, to be held in December 2020.

Any amendment of the relevant class rules will require approval with 2/3rd majority of votes casted and would be effective no sooner than December 2021. 
If an amendment is approved, there may be new jib design options available for at least part of the existing F18 fleet by December 2021.