Formula 18 crew weight/rankings 2015 analysis by Ad Noordzij

Screenshot crew weight
Ad Noordzij (NED) has been busy again with the latest statistics about crew weight and ranking. His analysis goes back to 2011 and gives a very good view on weight and overall ranking. Thanks Ad for all this work and we expect this will be analyzed by all F18 sailors worldwide!

Dear all,

I have run the crew weight/rankings analysis for the 2015 Worlds (tab “2015 Kiel”) and incorporated these results to the data of the four previous editions to generate a the same analysis for a five year period (tab “2011-2015 Analysis”).

The five years results indicate, on basis of an ALL ENTRIES sample size of 581 teams (weight intervals of 2.5 kgs), excluding 20 discards, and an average fleet size of 120 teams:

  • Teams in the weight range between 150 and 162.5 kgs achieve the best results (indicated in green)
  • Teams in the weight range between 137.5 and 150 kgs as well as those between 162.5 and 165 kgs (indicated in orange) achieve results which are reasonably close to those with the best results (between 7 and 11 positions worse – in a fleet of 120 – than the best performing weight range (152,5 – 155 kgs)
  • Teams with weights of up to 137,5 kgs and above 165 kgs are generally not competitive (at least 21 positions worse – in a fleet size of 120 – than the best performing weight range)
  • A simple average of the best 10 ranking teams in each Worlds ranges between 152 and 158 kgs
  • The weight range of up to 137,5 kgs represents only 3.2% of all entries, indicating that the class does not attract many teams in this weight range

Screenshot weight range


The weight range above 165 kgs represents a more substantial 15% of all entries. This indicate that (thus far) the F18 class continues to attract a substantial number of sailors notwithstanding their “poor” rankings/results, in turn possibly an indication that there are fewer and/or less attractive alternatives for these sailors when compared with the available alternatives for light (below 137.5 kgs) teams.

The full document (EXCEL) can be downloaded here. The tab “2013-2015 Boat Weight” provides an analysis of results versus boat weight, based on linear regression. The results indicate that there is a correlation between boat weight and team results.

Please let me know in case you have any questions or suggestions.

Best Regards,

Ad Noordzij