F18 International newsletter nr. 18 (Aug – 2015)

F18 Newsletter announcement
Dear sailors, a fresh newsletter is ready with some really nice and interesting information about the Worlds 2015, 2017 and 2017. Also updated analysis about crew weight is ready with details from the last F18 Worlds in Kiel. Of course we collected some information about upcoming events and soon some reports will be online as well.

German F18 Worlds 2015
AG4I4328Our congratulations to the winners, in fact to many sailors who performed so well over a long period of time. Our thanks to Kieler Yacht Club for all their work and welcoming support, and of course our German F18 Association so ably led by Jens Uwe Tonne! Our thanks also to our sponsors, Nacra, Contender, Goodall and Dimension Polyant who supported so well enabling us to give the sailors more support during the week.

As you will have heard, one of our F18 sailors, Glenn Ashby has been appointed as Skipper of the Americas Cup New Zealand boat. It is truly remarkable that Glenn can get onto an F18 in Kiel, without ever having sailed on one, or even put a harness on since Irish Worlds 2014 and still get onto the podium. Truly remarkable. Congratulations and well done Glenn!

Worlds 2016 Argentina
Our next event out of Europe is the Argentinian Worlds. It is a great thrill to be going to South America for the first time and we look forward to real support.

I have asked for the likely ports for the container traffic. To date just U.S.A. and Sweden have notified me. This is NOT a commitment but we need to know the suggested ports so that we can prepare on complete package and then seek sponsorship support. I am in touch with international agents, Peters & May (who do much of the Olympic shipping) and together we can arrange a good deal. PLEASE would all NCA’s let me know the port that they may use. As we found in Kiel we have a large Club in Buenos Aries, with years of knowledge in arranging these regattas. I ask for as much support as we can muster from all NCA’s, it is important to support. The Notice of Race is being prepared and will be available just before Christmas, so that our F18 members can make holiday arrangements.

Europeans Brest 2016
Our President has been working in Brest as Race officer for the Eurosaf Youth regattas and has had further productive meetings with the USAM Club in Brest. We look forward to final details and Notice of Race being ready for Christmas.

F18 Worlds 2017
F18 Worlds 2015 - 12-07-2015 (Kiel - Germany)-8558
Council endorsed almost unanimously, their desire to go to Denmark for the Worlds 2017. You will see their prospectus on the website under Documents, then Click on Bidbooks. We all look forward to the next Worlds in Europe.  Further details to following in due course.


Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2015
This unique regatta starts on 26th August. All details are on the IF18CA website. I am sure that is one regatta many sailors will remember for years. Our Swedish F18 Team led by Lars Linder seek all the support that you can give them. We look forward to up to date details on our website as the regatta is sailed and of course follow the event Facebook page.

Belgium F18 Nationals 2015
The registration is open for the Belgium F18 Nationals hosted by the Ostend Sailing and Racing Club and is the next venue for those who live close by in Belgium, Germany, France and Netherlands. Please see details on IF18CA website. We look forward to another great regatta and we will keep you all informed.

Costarmoricaine Raid 2015
Costarmoricaine Raid 2015 - photo Paul MalécotThe  Costarmoricaine Raid was another great regatta. Olivier was their and followed this event. A full write up shortly to follow.

(Photo credit Paul Malécot)


F18 World Council Meeting Kiel 12th July 2015
This was the largest assembly of National representatives that we have to date and gives a real flavour of the international growth of our F18 fleets.

Major decisions were taken that will take the IF18CA further and faster. The minutes have been on the IF18CA website and have been agreed as a true record of decisions and debate. I have re-written the Constitution to take into account the decision taken by Council in the electronic voting earlier in the year and the decisions taken in Kiel. This is now in DRAFT with the President and we will circulate soon.

Following on from Council agreement that IF18CA wants to keep as close as it can to the “box rule” and that any developments should bear in mind cost and performance, I am in touch with all the builders seeking their views.

F18 Worlds 2015 - 12-07-2015 (Kiel - Germany)-8541We need to produce a Mission Statement, clearly stating what we are all trying to do, where and when! We have the statement in the beginning of the Rules but we need to go further. To achieve we need to broaden the advisory role and we need expertise in various areas. Council agreed that we form Groups for Marketing, Technical and Rules.

There will be an overlap on the last two areas of discussion. We plan that the groups can be formed in August and September, communicate with each other through September, October and November, and issue their comments, suggestions during December so that Council can decide around the Christmas break, ready for action in 2016. The idea is that the groups will be independent, we want them to put a new slant on all our work. We suggest three or four members representing a wide F18 geographic area. We suggest that the groupings change regularly, this will reduce work load and always keep the group fresh with new ideas. We had already planned this for some time, As our Constitution states:

“4.5 The World Council may appoint additional officers to perform duties and carry out specific projects and shall hold the office for a period as laid down by the World Council.”

As an International Class, any changes have to go to ISAF and then if thought appropriate to the ISAF Constitutional Committee that keeps a wary eye on International Classes.

Jasper has led this and is fizzing with ideas to develop the F18 brand. We need help for him from across the world of F18. We need real developments in communication and we have expertise amongst our ranks, we just need them to come forward and volunteer. Part of that help is “money making” we will have a real blend of Christmas presents and we ask for all NCA’s support. But, we need to know what kind of presents and goodies you would be interested in. We need to be able to sell F18 Class items to extend the brand but also we can keep the level of promotional support. Volunteers please…

We need a small group to monitor the boats and their developments. Council believes in the “box rule” but there are areas where performance may be increased with little expense. I think that this group should keep close the builders, they know what sailors are saying.

We thank Alain Bujeaud for his earlier work. Dutch F18 Secretary Ad Noordzij has thoughts on development keeping the rules more in line with the ISAF Standard Class Rules (SCR). Members with long memories will recall all the work (and problems) experienced in changing from our original rules to SCR a few ago, but we have started another DRAFT which will give F18 sailors and builders an easier rule book.

Audit Committee
Council agreed with the work of this committee. We plan to keep two members, again with geographical spread, Jens Uwe Tonne (Germany) and Ad Noordzij (Netherlands) have made an excellent start. We will be preparing our F18 finances at the end of the year in line with the Council agreements made in Kiel,  then accounts will be subject to the Audit Committee’s approval. It will take a few weeks after the end of the year when all financial details are prepared.

Kiel Worlds Boat / Crew weight
Screenshot crew weight
Can I thank Pierre-Charles Barraud, our Chief Measurer, for the detailed work that he does every year in getting the weights prepared so quickly. This work is important and gives statistical evidence that the Class is measuring boats carefully and that every care is taken to ensure fairness for all sailors. In continuing and ongoing discussions with ISAF Technical dept. they commend our activity in this area (and many others!). The most recent (2015) analysis by Ad Noordzij is online as wel.

New Polish F18 boat
We are always careful to ensure that we not promote any one builder over another, but we must point out that we had a new F18 in Kiel. Problems with tack lines caused DNF’s but the boat sailed competitively well and is a welcome addition to our fleets.


Best regards,

Don Findlay