F18 Raid Worlds 2017 – Countdown started, one week left

Next week Stockholm will be host for the first F18 Raid Worlds ever! At least 27 international teams from SWE, NED, AUT, AUS, FIN and GBR will be welcomed. All teams knows this ain’t an easy up-/downwind event, but some serious long distance catamaran sailing. The best team that can handle these tough conditions will be crowned as the new World Champion F18 Long Distance Sailing! This is an event on many bucketlists, but if you can’t join this time you can also follow them real-time thanks to the trackers.

The F18 Raid Worlds is a mix of sport, nature and adventure in the perfect F18 playground: the stunning Stockholm Archipelago. It is the largest archipelago in Europe with ~36.000 rocks, skerries and islands and also the most difficult environment for navigation. There are still islands and groups of islands where no sail race has ever passed due to their remote location and because during some parts of the year these are bird or seal protection areas. It offers limitless possibilities for exceptional courses between the check points on islands, bouys, light houses or beaches.

Why should you join the F18 Raid Worlds in Stockholm:

  • The raid will be tough and demanding with 4 intense days of sailing and 2 to 3 legs per day (10 legs planned).
  • Every day you’ll sail between 50-100 NM
  • The 4 days of sailing will be tougher than before with some starts at 4 o’clock in the morning
  • A spectacular course out into the wilderness of the archipelago, three base camps on different islands and finish line in the heart of the Capital.
  • All boats have LIVE tracking, so the race can be followed on the homepage and via Facebook with pictures and daily movies from the race.
  • Prizes for Gold, Silver and Bronze overall, best mixed team and best youth team (if applicable). The best team overall wins the title World Champion.
  • Meals are included during the race days and there will be sauna and good food and music at all base camps and a final party with dinner after price giving.


  • Monday July 31th – Sailing instructions, check point list and participant list will be published
  • Wednesday Aug 2nd – First team will arrive at the venue at Djurgården (Stockholm)
  • Friday Aug 4th – Tents at the venue will be build and other preparations are done by the volonteers. Pre-measurement and security control for teams in Saltsjöbaden.
  • Saturday Aug 5th – Registration, measurement and security control, tune up race and welcome BBQ & skippers meeting
  • Sunday Aug 6th – Start of the F18 Raid Worlds 2017 at Saltsjöbaden
  • Monday Aug 7th – Racing
  • Tuesday Aug 8th – Racing
  • Wednesday Aug 9th – Racing, Finish of the F18 Raid Worlds 2017 and Prize Giving

More detailed (and practical) information can be found in this document. Of course you can find the latest infortmation on the official website.

The F18 Raid Worlds wouldn’t be possible without the support of our proud sponsors:
Stockholm (Thé Capital of Scandinavia), Båtäganda, Nautical Channel, Hamnen.se, Nordkapp, Zhik, Onde Design Center (ODC), Trackcourse.com, Triple X, Värmdo Bryggeri and Ward Wines.