Cammas-Vandame & Souben-Moreau playing cat and dogs at Martinique Cata Raid – 2020 F18 Raid Worlds

Picture by Pierrick Contin

Champagne sailing today in Martinique, where competitors completed Course 3 from Vauclin to Trinité on an average 15+ knots speed.

Following clear start by 10:19, pair Marfaing-Boulogne was the first to round offset mark before the whole fleet to rush on the reach towards Le Robert Bay, where a special mark was laid in front of Wind Force Club.

Then, exiting Le Robert Channel, competitors had to aim La Caravelle Peninsula, on a tight reach making all crews hands and arms suffer.

This long leg was the opportunity for top teams to play cat and dogs, Souben-Moreau and Cammas-Vandame exchanging the lead five times at least, FRA 66 getting line honours at the end, a few seconds before Brit pair, slightly ahead Marfaing-Boulogne, Course 2 winners.

Cammas-Vandame do confirm their lead

These top three teams do confirm their lead on the fleet, but Martin-Gaté are keeping close, 19 minutes behind the leaders, and less than 4 minutes behind Marfaing Boulogne.

It is to notice Mourniac-Gagliani were in the leading group, before breaking their jib tack, then loosing precious minutes, and being now ranked 9th overall.

For the record, Boulogne brothers provided spectators with a nice spectacle, being the only ones to capsize shortly before the finish…

As a conclusion, superb racing today, keeping the game still uncertain, even Cammas-Vandame demonstrated once more their skill level.

As usual, very friendly welcome at the stop at Trinité, where competitors have been welcomed by local dancers, and provided with excellent food.

Still two legs to race, so please keep posted.

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