Martinique Cata Raid – F18 Raid Worlds – Second leg goes to Marfaing-Boulogne, just ahead Cammas-Vandame

Stay focused – Picture by Pierrick Contin

Pretty tense racing today at Martinique Cata Raid, where second leg has been sailed under a pretty light breeze, straining competitors nerves.

Tension was palpable on the starting line, when Race Officer had to use Black Flag after two general recalls before gaining a clear start.

Teams then had to tack until Eden Wreck mark, before sailing a long reach on starboard all along the ilets boarding Martinique Atlantic South Coast.

A group of ten, spread over half a mile, took the lead, with quite steady positions, forcing crews to stay highly focused until crossing the finish line in front Pointe Faula in Vauclin after 2 hours and 30 minutes racing for the day winners.

Paradisiac scenery at Pointe Faula, Le Vauclin – picture by Pierrick Contin

If the course of the day goes to pair Marfaing-Boulogne, team Cammas-Vandame strengthens their position in front of the fleet, clearly aiming World Title gain at the end of the week.

Interviews by Eve Bougault

Mathieu Marfaing & Jean Boulogne, day winners: “Yes, it was a difficult race. It is our first time together with Jean, and I didn’t myself held the helm for two years. We faced some coordination problems yesterday, but we got a super start today, being the first to round offset mark. After second mark, other teams went on the offshore side, and we stepped back to 5th place. So, when we succeeded in taking the lead again, we did know it was going to be a long fight, as Franck Cammas and Matthieu Vandame, as usual, were putting pressure, a few seconds behind us. We get the win at the end, we are really happy, we did a good job, that’s cool!”

Franck Cammas, 2nd of the day, and provisional leader overall: “For my crew Matthieu too the race has been very long with light breeze most of the time and a lot of sargassum. We hade always to play close to the shore and, as soon we felt the boat slowed down, we pulled boards and rudder blades up. We probably did it hundred times, but to get second place today is OK for me : congratulations to Matthieu and Jean for their win, and yes, keep on this way!”

Orion Martin, 3rd of the day: “It was mentally very difficult, we got little wind and choppy seas, what our boats precisely don’t like as this is breaking speed. On top of this, we are a rather heavy team, so not the best sailing conditions for us. I have to say a big thank you to my crew Charles. He motivated me when I started to loose my temper and to turn crazy. You have to stay focused, we had a long route, and Charles has been able to demonstrate it to me, and I thank him again. If he wouldn’t have done so, I do think I would have thrown eveyting in the mainsail!”

More pictures from Pierrick Contin on event website.

Provisional results after two legs.