Yacht Club Gaeta to host 2020 Worlds


Bids received to host 2020 Worlds have been reviewed by IF18CA World Council during the Annual Meeting held on 15th December.

Considering that the bid received from Aarhus was also valid for 2021 & 2022, a first step in the decision making process was to fulfil a moral commitment towards Italian F18 Association, we should have visited in 2019, and to adopt the principle to retain one Italian bid for the final choice. Then, and relying on the detailed information gathered and provided by Gianni Fantasia, Italian Chair, as well on the evaluation grid prepared by IF18CA Vice President Steve Stroebel, Yacht Club Gaeta, host of 2018 Italian Nationals, has been selected to host 2020 Worlds.

If there is only one winner in a contest, the F18 Class is definitely proud and honoured for having received so many excellent bids, and wishes to sincerely thank all the biders.

No doubt for 2020 Worlds in Gaeta to join a long list of first class events, and the Class is looking forward to see you numerous there.

Notice of Race will be published in due time, before 2019 end.