2018 Annual World Council Meeting Minutes published

The World Council of the International Formula 18 Class Association held his annual meeting on Saturday 15th December.

18 National Class Associations did participated to the meeting, either in attending the electronic conference or in sending their votes on the items put on the agenda.

Further to finances, election of Officers, Constitution changes, Championship Policy, and further to the selection of 2020 Worlds venue, already announced in a previous post, many items were dealing with Class Rules changes, most if not all of them aiming to make the class more attractive for younger, lighter teams and to make the boats more appealing.

One can highlight some changes in particular, likely to have a real impact on the fleet:
– discontinuing the small rig (with grandfathering for a limited period);
– counting excess boat weight to crew extra weight;
– allow general use of vinyl / film to cover hulls instead for advertising only.

Click here to get the draft minutes of the meeting, to be formally approved during 2019 Worlds in Costa Brava.