William Sunnucks hands over Chair UK F18 Class Association

Last weekend William Sunnucks completed his three year period as Chair of the UK F18 Class Association. In line with the UK Constitution he has to complete his service which over the last few years has been outstanding. William has two outstanding characteristics which have been appreciated by all who know him!

Firstly he is a first class sailor both “round the cans” (second in UK Nationals 2014) but more importantly making his mark in long distance racing. The Swedish Archipelago, the UK Three Piers, the UK Forts Race, Round Texel, the Worral 1000 and many French Raids. He has made a considerable contribution along with the late Nick Dewhirst, in the technical developments of SCHRS. Also William has designed his own high speed foiling catamaran.

Secondly he has used his experience and skills as a manager, working in the City of London for many years, supporting the IF18CA, where he has influenced many other F18 nations with his clear thinking and firm opinions.

William has made a considerable contribution and we all thank him for his work. Chair has been handed over ot Simon Flack and a capable new committee, including Duncan Haynes (Treasurer), Matt Young (Website), David White (Events), training event organiser (Cath Haynes) and Ghislain Melaine (PR).