Leff Dahl & Johan Fischer win F18 Swedish Championship 2014

Last weekend the F18 Swedish Championships 2014 were held in Nynäshamn, Stockholm. 18 boats were at the start for three days of Formula 18 racing.

On the first day (Friday) of the regatta the weather conditions were very light. Only two races could be completed. On Saturday the weather conditions were just perfect. The race committee managed to push it to six races that day! During the day there were three teams (Dahl/Fischer, Berensson/Wersäll and Karlsson/Nordblom) in an ongoing fight for the highest postition on the podium. On Sunday a long distance raid of 25 nautical miles was planned. This raid took the sailors around nice islands, skerries and lighthouses. The sailing conditions were perfect again with a good breeze and sunshine.  The first 10 teams finished below 2 hours with an average speed of almost 15 knots.

Till the end of this raid is was not decided who would be crowned as the new Swedish Champions. When Leff Dahl and Johan Fischer finshed this raid in 1st position they knew they won this years Championship.


  1. Leff Dahl & Johan Fischer
  2. Olof Berensson & Oscar Wersäll
  3. Fredrik Karlsson & Nikals Nordblom
  4. Arvid Claeson & Oscar Claeson
  5. Magnus Lövdén & Erik Geijer
  6. Lasrs Linder & Erik Brunnberg
  7. John Bäck & Calle Jr Johansson
  8. Harls Blom-Bakke & Tim Sandberg
  9. Ola Persson & Tommy Selin
  10. Johan Bengtsson & Ola Degerfors
  11. Arne Sjöberg & Malcolm Hanes
  12. Gregory Simmons & Erik Gustafsson
  13. Joakim Wiklund & Ulf Norberg
  14. Mats Johansson & Niklas Ljungkvist
  15. Petter Barreng & Anton Barreng
  16. Jonas Berntsson & Magnus Lundberg
  17. Magnus Larsson & Patrik Nilsson
  18. Nikals Hjelm & Oscar Wettering

All results can be fould here.

If you also want to experience the fantastic sailing experience… you should grab your agenda now. After the Worlds in Kiel (Germany) you can join the Open Nordic Championship in Oslo (Norway) mid August 2015 and at the end of August you can join the Stockholm Archipelago Raid (3-4 day raid).