St Barth Cata Cup: four teams for one podium

Front pictures by EasyRide

Translated from Press Release

On Saturday, third racing day, the 60 crews registered in the 12th St.Barth CataCup firstly met for a first race off the Bay of Saint John, before sailing the round island race, counting double and being not discardable in the ranking, and therefore likely to shake provisional positions established after the first three rounds.

Actually, this is precisely what happened. In this battling day, biggest lost in certainly for Cruz Gonzalez Smith and Mariano Heuser (Architectonik). Finishing 6 of this regatta, Argentinean pair had to abandon the leading position they held from Day One to Jean-Christophe Mourniac and Antoine Rucard (Eden Rock Villa Rental). Worse, they are stepping down to third place in the standings behind Gurvan Bontemps and Benjamin Amiot (Eden Rock) who, for their part, made a jump from 7th to 2nd place after a perfect double win, allowing them, on top, to get the St Barth Alliance Insurance Trophy.

Day winners are undoubtedly Gurvan Bontemps and Benjamin Amiot. By getting two bullets, the two Brittons are ideally placed for gaining final victory. “Yesterday we were not happy with our sailing. We had a 11th, and the sensations on board were not good at all. So we did a good job back on tuning the boat, trying to improve things, and today, it turns out we were flying like planes!” commented Benjamin. While their speed has certainly been an asset today, the two co-skippers of Eden Rock have also perfectly dodged all the traps of the courses, and made excellent starts as well.

Very tight scores

Picture by Michael Gramm

“In both races, we started at the pin end on port tack, which permitted us to clear the offest mark almost in one reach, and to position ourselves at the front. Then, obviously, everything became simpler because we were free to do what we wanted” added the Malouin who led the first regatta from end to end, but who had to fight more in the second, specially against Jean-Christophe Mourniac and Antoine Rucard pair.

“Close to Gouverneur mark, we started catching them and then a great gybe battle started. We had to deal with pressure differences and, playing this game, we had a little more success than them. In addition to that, often, we made shorter way, which paid on arrival. It’s cool. We are super happy” added Benjamin. He and his pal can, in fact, be satisfied because not only do they win the St Barth Alliance Insurance prize, but they step in the second place on provisional ranking, two small points ahead Argies Cruz Gonzalez Smith and Mariano Heuser.

Last day to be decisive

Picture by Pascal Alemany

“Frankly speaking, it’s been a beautiful day, with great conditions, but sportingly speaking, we are inevitably a little disappointed. We sailed well in the first run (2nd) but a little less performing in the second. We got off to a bad start and we had to make two tacks to get some fresh wind. We rounded the offest mark in 15 or 20th position and then we just struggled to try to come back and limit the loss. We managed to finish 6th. It’s not a bad performance in itself, but it’s not great for our final result. We loose a lot of points on this round counting double, and we pay hard in the ranking” commented Cruz Gonzalez Smith, who hoped to consolidate its leading position this Saturday, but who finally loses two places and even sees the duo Orion and Antoine Martin (Mext Cardio) hitting him badly, by one point.

“The final fight will be dreadful” assured the bronze medalist in the last F18 Worlds. “Things will be played tomorrow” confirmed Antoine Rucard, the new leader, despite its six points bonus on his nearest competitor, being not be entitled to any error on Sunday, if he wants to register his name to the winners of the St.Barth CataCup.
To be continued …

Antoine Rucard & Jean-Christophe Mourniac – Picture by Michael Gramm

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