Rosengren/Westergren win Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2016

OS1C7564The Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2016 is done. This year Rosengren/Westergren (SWE 7) took the medal after 3 days of sailing. Both sailors were crew in the previous edition and able to win this time. In second position finished Dahl/Bodén (SWE 2), Larsen/Larsen (NED 1866) ended in 3rd.

Sailors and organization were very happy with this 2016th edition tells Lars Linder: It was really nice to be able to do more gennaker rounds in the archipelago this year. We also had shorter distance to our basecamps which gave us the opportunity to choose in which direction we wanted to go! This gave the opportunity to do more up & downwind at the same day, but we still sail the max. number of NM each day! After 3 days (out of 4) of sailing we can look back at a great event with international sailors again.”

On Saturday we were not able to race because of high winds. The breeze was building all day and all sailors respected the decision not to sail that day. “It was nice to see that, besides some boat work, also Dutch family visited Sandhamn in windy but sunny conditions.”

OS1C7272On Sunday both two scheduled races were sailed. “In the first race it was a choice to stay in the Archipelago or got out on the sea. Almost all Formula 18 catamarans choose to stay inside, but outside there was better wind. Those who did came back into the Archipelago again and entered Top 5….. this choice really paid of if you made it in this almost full genaker course. After lunch (~13:00) we started for our final leg and it was a half wind course in nice conditions. Only one boat broke a mast mast after a capsize, but luckely there were again no injuries at all. It was a quick race where boats had an average speed of 20 knots all the time. Around 14:00 all boats finished and the prize giving ceremony started. I am very happy with how things went, the fantastic sailing and all wonderful, fun sailors who all have a nice raid spirit.




Winners overall:

  1. Rosengren/Westergren (SWE 7) – 147 points
  2. Dahl/Bodén (SWE 2) – 142 points
  3. Larsen/Larsen (NED 1866) – 133 points

Winners mixed/female teams:

  1. Larsen/Larsen (NED 1866) – 133 points
  2. Delnooz/Van Leeuwen (NED 1912) – 128 points
  3. Svensson/Antman (SWE 81) – 102 points)

Full results:


 results SAR 2016

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Photo credits: Malcolm Hanes