Great success for German and Italian combined Nationals sailed in Arco !

Combined German and Italian Formula 18 Nationals have been held from 26 to 28 August on Lake Garda in Arco. This great event was organized by Circolo Vela Arco in collaboration with the German Formula 18 Class Association, in conjunction with the Italian national F18 team.

14199505_1036002489832002_6269168319486911461_nBefore to report, we have to address sincere compliments to the CVA, whose organization demonstrated professionalism and hospitality, ashore as well on the water. Race Committee and Judges have proven to be fast, and timely decision-makers, when the race has been properly covered using on-board tracking, thanks to U-Track, multimedia streaming on YouTube, photos and movies being continuously published online.

To put on the record: three summer days with 30° that brought the classic Southerly afternoon 15/18 knots “Clock” wind, with very few drops and slightly decreasing on the side of the cross bar, but steady for the rest of the field. F18s showed impressive speed under spinnaker to go up the lake, and it was a pleasure to admire the spectacle of the mainsails, all aligned towards the Ponale (the rock that overlooks the lake in Riva del Garda and Ledro).

14183736_1035995949832656_2325905793504226989_nThe nine scheduled races have all been completed, with three laps each, and it was clear from the very first day that the semi-local crew Paschalidis-Bianchini, with two bullets and a 5, were serious contenders to the title, ahead from the fleet. Having said that, the battle was tense to get the two remaining podium positions, and finally, after continuous changes, teams ranked 2nd, 3rd and 4th finished within three points. So we get Paschalidis-Bianchini winners with 8 points, second Fantasia-Recalcati with 22 points, Mazzucchi-Lisignoli third with 24 points, fourth Viganò-Viganò with 25 and fifth Vectors-Pinter with 37 points. Click here to get complete results.

It is to notice the great synergy between both Italian and German F18 Associations, this being more than likely a basis for future collaborations in order to build up many exciting regattas in the near future.

On top of this, it was a great pleasure and satisfaction to see Vittorio Bissaro visiting his “former” racing comrades, with the hope that he would come back to play in the Formula18 circuit with the spirit that characterizes it. He truly deserves full compliments from the sailors and from the Italian Formula 18 Class for what he has done during this four year Olympic campaign who just ended after Rio Games.

Please note on your diaries National Championship in Pescara from 8 to 11 September, one more opportunity to enjoy F18 sailing in Italy…

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