Registration for Croatian Trophy Challenge now open!

The Croatian Trophy Challenge 2024 will be sailed 8-12 May, in Šibenik– Žaborić, a new promising location. Regatta Committee just opened registration for the regatta, and the contestants will be selected by the fastest finger method!

Input from Draško Andrić, F18 Croatia Chair

“I wanted to share some exciting news with you. […]. We’ve managed to secure one of the most impressive venues in the Adriatic region. It’s a quaint mini campsite featuring luxurious mobile homes, boasting a stunning beachfront stretching approximately 300 meters. With space for over 30 boats, and accommodation and a restaurant within a mere 100-meter radius, it’s truly remarkable. This campsite held the prestigious title of the best small campsite in Croatia for several years. Even more impressive, it underwent extensive renovations after being sold two years ago, further elevating its appeal. Conveniently situated along the main Dalmatian road, logistics couldn’t be simpler.”

“The sailing area remains unchanged from last year, which means we’re in for an exceptional experience once again. We’re genuinely thrilled to have this unique combination of amenities and location.”

“In other exciting news, after eight years of dedicated effort in building this event, it has finally reached a level where I can step back and focus solely on the racing aspect. We’ve entrusted the organization to a team of seasoned professionals. The expanded Race Committee team, alongside the newly established Sailing Club Šibenik, which has been a steadfast supporter throughout the years, has taken over the reins. Already, we’re witnessing significant improvements. While it’s their first year handling the event independently, minor communication hiccups may occur. However, we can all anticipate a higher standard of organization with a more extensive staff involvement.”

Now, all that’s left is to cross our fingers for favorable weather. Fortunately, we’ve built in a spare day, so the odds are certainly in our favor. Looking forward to an unforgettable event!”

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