Entire certification process now online

The Class started last year to implement a new certification process, connected to a central database, and relied on numbered stickers to properly identify certified equipment.

Parallel to this, we relied on this database to start permitting self-certification by sailmakers, in order to make the ‘I buy it, I use it’ principle a reality, and to make F18 sailors life easier.

After one functioning year, we are happy and proud to see that more than 370 sails have been certified through the system.

Phase 2 of the process will now permit entire certification online, fully achieving our original goal for the full benefit of the competitors, without giving up our fundamental principle of fairness.

To fully introduce and explain this new process, you will find a dedicated FAQ page on our site, answering most if not all possible questions you may have.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the process, manufacturers, ExCo members and developer.