Ravi Parent & Severin Gramm crowned World Champions in Clearwater Beach

Picture by Anna Suslova

Ravi Parent & Severin Gramm have been crowned World Champions in Clearwater Beach after a last day full of twists and turns.

First, Ravi ParentSeverin Gramm got a BFD in Race 8, when there were poor results for Cruz Gonzalez Smith-Mariano Heuser & Toni Rivas (14 & 15), those being discardable as their worst scores so far. The bullet went to Lars & Olin Guck, Robbie Daniel-Gary Chu finishing 2nd, and Gavin Colby-Kai Colman 3rd, leading to a 29 points tie between Gavin Colby-Kai Colman & Ravi ParentSeverin Gramm, 3points ahead Cruz & Mariano…

Everything was still possible at the front…

Then Race 9 went to Iordanis Paschalidis-Konstantinos Trigkonis, Ravi & Severin finishing 2nd, taking an option on the title, when the Argies got a 23, their worst score in the championship.

Ravi ParentSeverin Gramm secured the title in scoring 4 in both 10th & 11th races, for a total of 39 points, Gavin Colby-Kai Colman getting Silver with 57 points, when the battle was tight for the Bronze, finally going to Cruz Gonzalez Smith-Mariano Heuser, in a tie with Toni Rivas Mas-Jordi Jordi Sánchez Pérez, one point ahead Greek pair Iordanis Paschalidis-Konstantinos Trigkonis.

Gavin Colby – Kai Colman
Picture by Anna Suslova
Toni Rivas Mas – Jordi Sanchez Perez
Picture by Anna Suslova
Iordanis Paschalidis – Konstantinos Trigkonis
Picture by Anna Suslova

At the end of the day, a highly contested championship, five different Nations, four continents and three makes being represented in the top five.