Preparations Formula 18 Worlds 2017 on track!

15102116_10211579401465113_1461306081_oThe Worlds 2016 in Argentina is only just over, and yet the next Worlds is only 6 months away is Denmark, Vallensbæk Sailing Club. Final preperations are on going as we speak for their Formula 18 Worlds 2017 in Denmark. From 8-15 July Formula 18s from all over the world will meet for yet another nice ‘cat fight’.

15044698_10211579400545090_648816798_oWe want to give you a heads up of what the Vallensbæk Sailing Club has been doing so far, because it takes more then many people think of holding a Worlds, to actually be ready to host a Worlds. The event website is up & running since last year,and also the event Facebook page has been busy promoting the event since this time last year where they promoted the launch of the Facebook page during the St.Barth CataCup  (don’t forget to like it to stay up-to-date of the latest announcements!) A large promotion campaign for the Worlds 2017 has also run all summer at regattas all over Europe.

Meanwhile many active work groups are working on  land logistics, communication, social events, race courses etc. Together with the local Council all basic necessities are arranged as well, like plans for beach launches, parking facilities, additional sanitary facilities, etc.

At this moment they are fine tuning the online registration process and of course the Notice of Race. Intention is have both ready in December, latest primo January, so you can claim your early bird slot and start making travel plans as well. When the NOR and registration is open will be announced via the event Facebook and event website as well.

The weather conditions is Denmark are not optimal right now for others than vikings, but don’t worry , summers in Denmark  are perfect for F18 sailing!
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