Precision on Class Rule Article G.5.3

Our attention has been drawn on Class Rule G.5.3, which has been modified during 2020 Annual Meeting (see Class rule proposal #10 – rule G.5.3), effective date being 6 May 2021.

As clearly mentioned in the proposal, this change was only a consequence of ERS changes for 2021-2024 term, purpose being to align our Class Rules to ERS in force, as we do rely on these, not being then redundant.

More precisely, Amendment Thirty-seven added in 2021-2024 ERS a definition for “Spinnaker”, which also applies to “Gennaker”, in G.1 GENERAL SAIL TERMS:
G.1.3 Sail Types
A sail set forward of the mast spar or of the foremost mast spar if more than one
mast, where the measurement between the half luff point and the half leech
is equal or greater than 75% of the foot length.

Following, and although 75% minimum Ratio of half width / foot length is no longer mentioned in article G.5.3, gennakers still have to comply with ERS definition above to be Class legal, hence we keep on controlling SMG in measurement form.