Pablo Völker – Juan Martin Benitez 2016 F18 World Champions !

Pablo Völker - Juan Martin Benitez
Pablo Völker – Juan Martin Benitez

No surprise here as, although last sailed race (N°14) being won by Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser (42.0 pts), provisional leaders, scoring 3.0, had sufficient advance to secure World title with 28.0 pts, Jason Hess & Nicolas Schargorodsky from Guatemala getting Bronze with 57.0 pts.

F18 Worlds 2016 Argentina © Matias Capizzano
Cruz Gonzalez Smith – Mariano Heuser

Last racing day provided the sailors with light wind, offering to the 2016 Worlds the widest possible sailing conditions, and then crowning true Allround Champions, getting 7 bullets among 14 possible ones.


Race Officer Teodoro “Kiko” Kundig and shore team have been close to full score, “El Pampero” wind, which blew out on Wednesday, being the only responsible for preventing them to complete the 15 scheduled races…


F18 Worlds 2016 Argentina © Matias Capizzano
Jason Hess – Nicolas Schargorodsky

From a Class perspective, it is really a great satisfaction to record the skill level of the top teams, as well to notice the presence of four different designs and builders at the fourth first places of the championship, assessing once more, when needed, the actual fairness of the Formula 18, designed some 23 years ago…

Parallel to this, it is fully satisfactory too, to remark the first mixed team being ranked 7th, after being contending Bronze all Championship long.

Ian Rodger & Eugenia Bosco
Ian Rodger & Eugenia Bosco

A big and warm “Thank you” has to be addressed to all YCA board, staff, and volunteers, for providing F18 sailors with a top quality event, the same way IF18CA is grateful to Argentinian F18 Association and Chair Martin Vanzulli for their full involvement in preparing the first ever Worlds sailed in South America.

Full results on YCA website

All pictures © Matias Capizzano