Old foxes secure the lead at 2021 Worlds in Formia, Gulf of Gaeta

Mitch & Ruben Booth leading the fleet in Formia, Gulf of Gaeta – picture by Gianluca Di Fazio

Ten races have now been sailed in Formia under a large range of wind conditions, from strong to light, but all of them seem to fit with Booth father and son, scoring an impressive and regular series, although not gaining any bullet, but their worst score being a 8, then being strong leaders with 30 points.

Christian & Helge Sach, reigning Masters

A few steps behind, Helge & Christian Sach, former Tornado Olympians and 2006 F18 World Champions, also demonstrate their tactical skills and abilities to manage a safe route all along the sailed races, with few, when no mistakes, then gaining a 53 points score, 9 points ahead Argies Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser, who got Bronze in last 2019 Worlds at La Ballena Alegre.

All clear!

Depending on the weather conditions to come, 12th sailed race will offer a second discard, likely to permit German brothers to catch up Mitch and Ruben, but the task will be nothing but hard.

It is to notice a group of six teams following the leaders, within 20 points, keeping full interest in the two remaining competition days.

One more talented son & father team: Hans & Marius Van Dam

One more big thank you to Gianluca Di Fazio for his superb work! Please find below some action pictures: