Mitch & Ruben Booth finally got one bullet on 2021 Worlds Day 4, hence being one step closer to the title

Mitch & Ruben Booth – Picture by Gianluca Di Fazio

Nerves breaking Day 4 in Formia/Gaeta, where Race Officer Costanzo Villa had to wait more than one hour before starting Race 11, and when Race 12 did ended in a stormy way, AP on H being displayed on the finish boat.

On AUS 1 side, and although the race score series were impressive (3,8,3,2,4,5,8,2,4,2), one bullet was still missing… until Race 12 to be sailed, Mitch & Ruben strengthening then their leading position with a total of 28 points, being close to certain to get 2021 title after the three remaining races on the schedule to be sailed.

To complete the podium, we will have to look at GER 370 and ARG 11. Twelve races being now completed, competitors benefit of a second discard, likely to permit Argies Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser (third, 62 points) to catch up German brothers (second, 54 points).

Winners of the day are French pair Cedric & Laurent Bader, discarding their bad scores from Day 1 (24, DNF), and gaining one bullet in Race 11, then climbing to fourth place with 73 points.

Cedric & Laurent Bader

So, some drama still to come on Day 5…

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Standings after 12 races