Mixed pair Mourniac – Durand do confirm their leadership on Martinique Cata Raid after leg 3

Picture by Pierrick Contin

From MCR Press release

Fast, not too furious but a bit tricky: this is how one could sum up the third leg of Martinique Cata Raid, 25 nautical miles between Carbet and Anse à l’âne, very beautiful beach nestled in a green setting within Les Trois Ilets National Park.

It was clear to all crews that this third leg would be eminently strategic as, on the island’s Caribbean coast, conditions changed dramatically. The sea has softened but the wind, subject to numerous variations of the relief, is much more erratic.

Lou Mourniac & Pierre-Yves Durand are the first to cross the line at l’Anse à L’âne, ahead of Aurélien Ottou & Rémi Piazza and Matthieu Marfaing & Jean Boulogne, then confirming their leadership on the fleet.

Aurélien Ottou & Rémi Piazza in action – picture by Pierrick Contin

This being said, everything remains possible until the very end of the raid, top three teams being ranked within a mere 12 minutes…