Formula 18 Newsletter No. 22 – October 2017

To all our F18 sailors worldwide!! The end of another season for our Northern hemisphere just as the “Southerners” start again. We had a Great F18 Worlds in Denmark followed by our first F18 Raid Worlds in Sweden, which also was a great success. We thank all those who worked so hard to achieve these standards, we are a volunteer operation and rely totally upon efforts from officers in National Class Associations. We appreciate all their efforts. We seek to increase membership in 2018, some NCA’s are growing steadily and we want to support where we can.

The Future
We are very confident for the future, we plan F18 Europeans in Barcelona, that is going to give good winds and plenty of sun, start date 30th June 2018. Website is planned, NoR is going through final stages, we know that we all will get a super welcome, so make a note in your diary and plan your 2018 summer.

The F18 World Raid were planned as bi-annual event, but due to the success of the first F18 World Raid Championship, we plan another in 2018. Due to short notice, we will use an existing regatta and have selected Costamoricaine in Brittany in August. We need F18 Council approval to hold this regatta and are asking Council for their views. Dates will be early August 2018 (subject Council agreement)

Plans are well laid for the next F18 World Championships, we are all heading for the Sarasota Sailing Squadron in Florida USA, October 2018, (See IF18CA website for presentation and NoR details). We were last in USA in 2012 and we look forward to another great Championship. Agreements have been reached with out Italian colleagues and we are sure of warm welcome when we return to Italy for the 2019 Worlds. Early discussions are taking place with the Australian NCA for F18 Worlds 2020 and we await a full proposal which will go to Council for decision in due course.

Added to these events will be the range of local and National Championships, we ask always that NCA’s keep us informed of ALL your plans as the volume of F18 activity is one of the real assets of our Class.

We are delighted to be able to report that the St Barth regatta will held again this Autumn. The island was hammered by Hurricane Irma but thanks to all for their hard work in insuring that the event will take place again soon.

Contact Lists
We are updating the contact lists for F18 Council members as there is a regular change of officers and we need to ensure good communication. Also being updated are the Technical Group, Sail makers and Builders lists which so cover many companies.

Deck sweeper sails
This development has created much interest since the Denmark Worlds where Mischa showed everyone the way home! We are seeking urgently to get the Measurement Forms amended to allow for these changes. Our Chief Measurer was satisfied in Denmark with measurement but we need clarity with our measurers and window material throughout the NCA’s. “Clarity with window material” is a good point as we must be sure about visibility and any potential dangers. We seek any letters from members so we can publish of the website.

Introduction of Epoxy in hull manufacture.
Council voted for the introduction of epoxy in hull manufacture and we are working on the final wording. It may seems simple, but such changes need very clear wording to ensure fairness for sailors and support for our loyal builders throughout the world. We are clear on the Rule A.7 that the introduction date for sailing with epoxy within the hulls with be 13th July 2018, ie ONE year after Council approval. Final emails will be exchanged with World Sailing, when they have approved, the wording will go to the Council for ratification.

Cloth List
We are writing to all cloth and sail makers so that the List offers to best materials at competitive prices. Our guide lines for the Cloth List are: Competitively priced materials available throughout the world for sail makers ensuring fairness to all F18 sailors.

Championship Rules
We thank Netherlands sailor and IF18CA Vice President for his work in preparing the final draft of the Championship Rules. This document will give greater strength to any agreement with venues hosting our major regattas. Clearly we can’t use this before 2020 as we have already come to agreement with Spain, USA and Italy, before the document can come into effect. We have reported to Council and will be asking for their approval.

Measurement DVD
We have been asked by one or two of our Measurers to prepare a DVD to help in their work. We are working with Chief Measurer, Pierre-Charles Barraud on this project and will keep Council informed of progress.

IF18CA website
We are working to re-develop the website and make it even better for our sailors, BUT I say every time that I write to all, it is the NCA’s and regatta officers that we need to support and keep us informed of all activity. I say again, the greatest strength of F18 is the worldwide appeal, we are the greatest “floating” Class in multihull sailing, with support from every one we will keep that honour !!

Thanks to all!

Don Findlay