Final dates for 2019 Worlds in La Ballena Alegre fixed

Dear sailor friends,

In the article published on 17th October, we mentioned we asked the organisers to move suggested Worlds dates by one day, so that we can go from Friday to Friday.

Although La Ballena Alegre positively answered to our request, it appears that many bungalows are booked far in advance by their usual customers, and that, consequently, many teams would have been forced to free their accommodation on 5th July by 10:00 am, before last races to be sailed, storage facilities and other services as changing rooms being then provided to them.

However, IF18CA Executive Committee would have been more than reluctant to introduce some unfairness between those teams benefiting of their bungalow until the 5th and those benefiting of their bungalow until the 6th, so we decided to stick on the dates as announced in the bid presented by Club de Vela La Ballena Alegre, and we are confident you will understand and support our choice.

So the timeframe will be as follows:
– Thu. 27th June: Registration Day 1
– Fri. 28th June : Registration Day 2
– Sat. 29th June : Registration Day 3 + Practice Race + Opening Ceremony
– Sun. 30th June : Racing Day 1
– Mon. 1st July : Racing Day 2
– Tue. 2nd July : Racing Day 3
– Wed. 3rd July : Racing Day 4
– Thu. 4th July : Racing Day 5 + Prize Giving Ceremony

By the way, Kieler Week being sailed from 22th to 25th, no problem for Northern Europe teams to enter both events.


Waiting the pleasure to see you numerous next year in Costa Brava,

With my very best regards,


Olivier Bovyn, IF18CA President