F18 Worlds 2018 – Sarasota turquoise waters are waiting for you!

“What a beautiful venue we’ll have this year for our F18 Worlds. Who doesn’t love the crystal clear waters from the Mexican Gulf, this will absolutely give you the tropical holiday feeling!” Olivier Bovyn was invited to visit the Sarasota Sailing Squadron (SSS) who’ll be hosting this years Formula 18 Worlds, Sarasota Yacht Club (SYC) will be the title sponsor of the event.

The organizing committee is now chaired by Jesse Brunsvold, who took over from former Chair Deb Saint James. Being the mother of four teen and talended multihull sailors, Jesse is perfectly aware of the needed time, as well the money spent by sailors to purchase, maintain, travel and compete in international events. So no doubt that she will be keen to provide competitors with the best possible service.

She is closely seconded by Herb Larrabee (US Sailing National Judge) who is very experienced in event organization, and also been the organizer and member of the International Jury for the 2013 F18 Americas. Naturally, SSS Manager Craig Bridges and SSS Regatta Director Donna Hillmyer will be fully involved in event management. “It’s good to see they have everything covered. For example the race area, the SSS has the option to sail on open water in the Gulf of Mexico, but also can have their races in the Sarasota Bay. A perfect base for sailing all 5 days”, Bovyn explains.

Thanks to Shelby Connett (Visit Sarasota County Director of Sports) who was of greatest help in permitting to use of protected areas. This nearby trailers park makes it now easy to get your ticket from our Chief Measurer and push your catamaran from the measurement tent straight to the sandy beaches where you can launch. On top of this, the organization plans to offer a shuttle service from the venue to city centre, all to please the competitors at their stay in Sarasota.

All the facilities at the club are really good, and it’s not all about sailing. The SSS has a great reputation when it comes to the social part. Just a few steps from the water you’ll find the BBQ and also the bar won’t be far away. Nice areas to chill in the shade will give you and a cold beer a good moment to reflect your achievements of the day.

Goodall Design already announced that they will have charter boats available at the Worlds. We’re chasing other boat builders if they will offer charters as well. When we have more info about that we’ll let you know on our Facebook page. Also arrangements will be made with local sailmakers to make it as easy as possible to do any kind of repairs on your sails.

And…. don’t forget to sign up for this great event!