F18 Worlds 2016: Pre Worlds events Schedule

Our friend Martin Vanzulli just published info about Pre Worlds events schedule on his Cat Sailing News Blog.
2016 F18 Worlds will have a good previous series of regattas for those wanting to come earlier. Please have a look.

Martin says: “Jason Hess will be here 2 months in advance in preparation for his 2020 Olympic campaign, if someone wants to share training with him let us know and we’ll get in you contact with him.”

“The Worlds will be hosted by the Yacht Club Argentino located in Buenos Aires City Downtown / Port. Accomodations are at hand with our major city blocks away from the Club. We are preparing a recommendation list. Local domestic airport to go Patagonia or our North is also 10 mins by car. Below 3 good videos showing some of our landscapes”.

“Annual Buenos Aires Week & 2016 Arg Nats will be held before the main event.
There are some boats available for charter as posted this week, check our local Class Association web at: F18argentina.org”