F18 Worlds 2016 – Official website online!

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The Argies have been very busy last couple of months and the result is absolutely there! The official F18 Worlds 2016 website is online. Some really good articles are there, including an interview with Ian Rodger (one of the most dedicated and experienced sailors from Argentina). How a look and at the event website and of course… fill in your entry form if you already know that you’ll be there. The F18 Worlds 2016 will be held from October 28th till November 4th 2016 in Buenos Aires.

Interview with Ian Rodger
F18-Worlds-Wednesday-09-07-2014-1338-825x510Ian Rodger is one of the sailors who are more committed to the development of the International F18 Class in Argentina. And he is also one of the most experienced, as he attended all the World Championships since 2008. In this opportunity, he shares with us his expectations about the 2016 F18 International Class World Championship.

Read the full story here.

Registration is open, so fill in the entry form if you can. The official F18 Worlds 2016 event website can be found here. Of course is the event Facebook page also online and are a Twitter and Instagram there as well. The event will be held at the Yacht Club Argentino.