Countdown started for the Multihull Regatta 2015 (California – U.S.A.)

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On September 26-27 2015 the Richmond Yacht Club is proud to host the Multihull Regatta 2015 in California (US). This regatta will be held in the lovely area of Southampton Shoal, Keller Cove, or the north portion of the Berkeley Circle. Last editions a big F18 fleet participated, so the organization hopes for the same numbers! Entries are open, so sign up now!

The Richmond Multihull Invitational is unique in many respects. This regatta is open to all multihulls under 22.5 ft, so you’ll see everything from F-18s, Sea Spray Catamarans up to Nacra 20s and Hobie 20s racing on the same course. There are two weather marks set, one for the longer faster boats and one for shorter slower boats. They run true simultaneous starts and finishes, so one fleet may be starting on the committee boats starboard side while another fleet may be finishing on the port side.  This reduces waiting between races and is much fun to finish almost at the same time.

“Why is this event so good for F-18s?  The long course is usually long enough to really get settled down and just sail the boat fast.  Particularly downwind, the steady wind and just big enough waves to make it fun lets you lock in, sail fast and enjoy the ride. Having an event that just specializes in off-the-beach type multihulls brings together all of the fleets for this type of boat. We all have a similar interest, but rarely sail at the same venue at the same time. It is an opportunity for all of these fleets to get together at one event and perhaps get to know folks in the other fleets. The format is Windward Leeward courses, with a gate at the bottom of the course and the start finish line about a third of the way up the course. The race is scheduled carefully for the end of September intentionally. At this time of year the gusty winds that San Francisco Bay is so famous for taper off a bit. Yet, we generally still have warm weather and we are not likely to have rain. We have had the event five years now and the most wind we have seen is 21kts, yet every year we have had double trapeze conditions. So we tend to get perfect multihull sailing condition with wind at 8 to 20 kts. The wave action varies depending on currents etc, however it has always been in the range of fun and exciting and not quite to level where it starts getting worrisome”, tells organizer George Pedrick.

You combine the elements above and you have an enjoyable event. This keeps people wanting to come back again if they can. So if you want to experience it for yourself, sign up now!

Regatta schedule:

  • Saturday (September 26th)
    • 10:30 Welcome and Competitors’ Briefing
    • 12:00 Warning Signal for first race of the day
    • 17:30 Dinner (included in entry fee for helm and/or crew)
  • Sunday (September 27th)
    • 11:00 Warning Signal for first race of the day


  • The EARLY entry fee is $90 for double handed boats and $65 for single handed boats,  if received prior to 2100 hours on Monday, September 21, 2015.
  • The LATE entry fee (after 2100 hours on Monday, September 21, 2015) is $115 for double handed boats and $90 for single handed boats.

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