F18 Newsletter 12 – December 2014



International Formula 18 Catamaran Association

Newsletter N°12December 2014

Christmas Greetings to all F18 sailors and families.

We have experienced a very busy year where we have moved forward in many areas.

Worlds 2015

Jens and our German friends are leading the Worlds 2015 and early numbers look very encouraging. We are over 100 already and we may well match record numbers in 2015. We are meeting the Team shortly and will make the final arrangements and publish the NoR. We look forward to meeting many of you in Germany.

National Class Association (NCA) Subscriptions

We thank all the NCA’s that have forwarded their subscriptions for the year, there are one or two remaining and we are sure that they will forward in advance of the deadline of 31st December. This will enable the number of “slots” for attendance at the Worlds to be clarified, and also allow Treasurer to prepare a detailed statement of finance for distribution to the Class members.

2016 Worlds and Europeans

Detailed discussions have started on these two great regattas and we will keep all members informed as details develop, as always we thank all the “workers” who are supporting F18 sailors so well.


We will have detailed financial figures in our Financial Report, but the commercial efforts have achieved a satisfactory income, not good, just satisfactory!  If there had been greater support from all NCA’s then I am sure we could achieve far more. Plans are well laid for 2015 with a new “Spring Range” of clothing and also another calendar for 2016 based upon our German Worlds. We have had some very pleasing comments from around the World regarding the calendars and some sailors have requested more supplies! We thank so many members for their support and appreciation of our efforts. As always thanks must go to our printer, Peter Harrison, an ex F18 sailor (now on a 20ft), [he is a big chap!]  who has worked wonders and I am sure that we have made more cash out of his efforts than he has. We look forward to far more involvement in the future and a small sub-committee to help design and approve garments.[Thanks Penny in Denmark, you are first!!]

Marketing Report

We have moved a long way in a short time, and the response to websites and social media has been impressive, we will provide all details shortly. We thank Jasper for all his work and we look forward to developing our marketing even further in 2015.  This marketing work has three successes, it keeps the F18 owners involved, for most advertising is promoted at the owners  and secondly it encourages other sailors to join a vibrant Class and in the medium term for increased sales of F18’s which are looking good and thirdly it provides money into the Class, which is badly needed. 

May I take opportunity of wishing Jasper and fiancée well as they are getting married this month and then spending some time in Aruba in January.

Strategy for F18 Future

I wrote a paper recently which has been well received, indicating my views that we need Rule stability above all, to assure owners, builders and potential buyers that they can rely upon F18 into the future. This subject will be part of the electronic voting starting in January. The updated Rules 2015 will be sent out shortly, together with the updated Cloth List.

Agenda for Council

As promised previously, I have included the agenda that was going to be used for the 24th. But as you all know only three NCA’s confirmed their attendance. This has been distributed in DRAFT before as it was built up. It will now be handled by email and electronic voting, and we thank all members for their future support and participation.


May I thank all of you who have written saying stating their appreciation for the work that Olivier and I do, clearly, as you see from one or two emails, we can’t please everybody all the time, but pleasing most, most of the time is the best we can hope for !! Thanks to all our supporters.

Don Findlay

Secretary General Int.F18CA

International Formula 18 Catamaran Association

24th January 2015.

FFV Offices 17, rue Henri Bocquillon, Paris 75015


Meeting postponed due to lack of attendance, hence not being quorate.

1.      Opening statement and welcome by the President.

2.      Apologies for absence.

3.      Minutes of Council Meeting, dated December 2013, to be approved.

4.      F18 Finances. Annual Review.

5.      Request from France to be Auditor. (Netherlands and Germany currently auditing. UK in reserve with international accountant.)

6.      F18 Strategy.  The Future.

7.      F18 Class Rules update.

8.      F18 Cloth List.

9.      F18 Championship Rules.

10.  F18 Constitution.

11.  Proposal 1. Constitutional change. Australia.

12.  Proposal 2. Two Piece mast change.  Australia. Request for further technical information.

13.  Proposal 3. Increase in Annual Fee from NCA’s. Australia.

14.  Proposal 4. Introduce IF18CA quarterly cash position. Australia

15.  NoR Worlds 2015. Numbers and allocations.

16.  Worlds 2016

17.  Europeans 2016. Under discussion with President and Sec. General.

18.  USA/Spain/Finland. Applications Worlds 2017/ 2018/2019. Australia 2019.

19.  Marketing 2015.

20.  Calendars / clothing. Progress report.

21.  F18 Rules. Tow line. (No. C.5.2 a 1) (15m long x 6mm minimum diameter) Netherlands to propose.

22.  Development of Technical Sub Committees.

23.  NCA’s racing agenda for 2015

24.  Youth strategy. Pierre-Charles. Classic boat development.

25.  Allocation of resources for 2015.

Any other business.