F18 Class to pay tribute to Don Findlay

Picture by Jasper van Staveren

To all F18 sailors worldwide

Our Secretary General, Don Findlay, agreed last July in Denmark to continue his role for a while until the new Executive Committee was established, and he recently asked to retire from F18 duties after 21 years of service,  remaining at the disposal of the Class for any help we might need.

I am certain all would definitely agree we can only give him a sincere and huge thank you, wishing him good health in his retirement, he will certainly use in spending more time in his garden…

We will whatever keep him in the loop, as it his always beneficial for any human organization to be able to rely on living memories…

On behalf of you all, as well as World Council and Executive Committee members, I would like to address him our most sincere gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts.

Waiting the pleasure to meeting him again on some boat park,

Olivier Bovyn
International F18 Class President