Europeans in Arco: Formula 18 rules Garda Lake

Picture by Emilio Santinelli

After a Day One with no races due to thunderstorms and strong gale, Italian IRO Carmelo Paroli and Race Committee staff did succeeded in building up four races back to back, six races being a minimum to complete qualification series.

To invite the fleet on the starting line by 8:30 am was definitely the good plan to achieve this, although the queue to reach the launching ramp was pretty impressive, forcing the Race Committee to wait for 9:30 to actually launch the Championship. For this reason, and despite a good timing plan, fleets had to suffer from a big windshift at the end of race 4, creating some trouble at the front.

Whatever the case, one can see all the big names at the top of the provisional results, this assessing of the high level of these European Championships, close to a Worlds.

Three races are scheduled on 6th July, likely to permit to close qualification round, then to build Gold and Silver fleets for the final part of the event.

Picture by Emilio Santinelli

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