Day 2 St. Barth Cata Cup 2014 – French F18 sailors on fire

On the second day of the St Barth Cata Cup the French Formula 18 sailors were on fire. Morgan Lagraviere and Arnaud Jarlegan have been battling all day with Franck Cammas and Matthew Vandame. Both teams scored a bullet and 2nd place, but Lagraviere/ Jarlegan won the overall day prize. Billy Besson and Marie Riou had a good day with two 4th places on Friday and became 3rd.

Basking shark versus F18: 1-0 
The first finishers in the 1st race made it to he finishline in just 91 minutes. The sea conditions varied widely, leading to interesting strategic choices from the racers. Not everyone made it to he finish. Jacopo Bracco and Trip Burd were kicked out ‘by nature’, they hit a basking shark at speed after the first mark and took them out of racing for the day. Mike Easton and Matthew Whitehead were in 1st place in race 1 but had an unfortunate break of their boom and had to retire from the race. They were able to find a spare and succeded to finish the second race of the day in 3th place.
After a one-hour break on land, the racers were  back on the water again at 3 pm for another round taking them downwind on the island with very tactical stretches. Overall, a very nice sailing day for all of the racers.

Morgan Lagraviere tells: “It was a very nice day out there. With Arnaud, we really had fun on the boat and enjoyed being on the water. Statistically, we scored points this morning and that helped up close the gap with Franck Cammas. Knowing that the race had a coefficient of 2, it was rather a winning operation. We were a little frustrated at the end of the day because we had the leading position up until the end. A small mistake at the end and that was enough to allow Franck to cross the finish line before us. We end this day somewhat frustated but it’s energy that we will use positively for tomorrow.”

DAY 2 – St Barth CATA CUP 2014 from St Barth Cata Cup on Vimeo.

Day 2 results:
1. Morgan LAGRAVIERE/Arnaud JARLEGAN (4 points)
2. Franck CAMMAS/Matthieu VANDAME (5 points)
3. Billy BESSON/Marie RIOU (12 points)
4. Erik MARIS/Jean-Christophe MOURNIAC (17 points)
5. James BAECKLER/Benjamin AMIOT (17 points)
6. Emmanuel BOULOGNE/ Vincent BOULOGNE (20 points)
7. John CASEY/Colin PAGE (22 points)
8. Frederic DUTHIL/Frederic MOREAU (29 points)
9. Patrick DEMESMAEKER/Olivier GAGLIANI (30 points)
10. Simone CARTOLARI/Maurizio STELLA  (31 points)
Full results can be found here. Follow the St. Barth Cata Cup 2014 on the website or Facebook eventpage.
Photo credits: Pascal Alemany