Capsizing makes the difference – Day 3 St. Barth Cata Cup 2014

The race on Saturday at the St-Barth Cata Cup was much more difficult then the previous days. The first and only race of the day, from St-Jean Bay with a race around the Toc-Verts and Bonhomme islands, was postponed till 2 p.m. due to 30 knots of breeze. During the whole race there has been a fight between Morgan Lagraviere/Arnaud Jarlegan and Franck Cammas/Matthieu Vandame. At the end of the race a capsize by Cammas/Vandame gave Lagraviere/Jarlegan a free passage to the finishline. Frédéric Duthil/Frédéric Moreau finished in 3rdplace.

The heavy conditions forced ten boats to abandon the race, some capsized and others had some damage. Mike Easton explains his capsize: “It was going very well. We were second behind John Casey at the top mark and we were passing him at mark number 2 and 3. But, on the way to mark 3 we were launched off the biggest wave that we have ever come across! I was probably launched about 6 feet above the boat before I crashed back on the boat. We came back and were about 10th going downwind trying to play it safe. Then suddenly the boat began tocapsize and that was the end of our race.
Anthony Boueilh/Maxime Loiselle were very satisfied with their 4th place: “We are very pleased with our race. Rather difficult conditions, especially with the paces we had to do. We manageda good startand were 3rd at the first mark and 4th at the secondbuoy. We managed to hold our position till the finishline. In the end, we are very happy with our boatspeed and the risks we took to finish just behind the twoFrederick’s.”

Battle between Morgan Lagraviere/Arnaud Jarlegan and Franck Cammas/Matthieu Vandame

Day 3 results:
1. Morgan LAGRAVIERE/Arnaud JARLEGAN (1 point)
2. Franck CAMMAS/Matthieu VANDAME (2 points)
3. Frederic DUTHIL/Frederic MOREAU (3 points)
4. Anthony BOUEILH/Maxime LOISELLE (4 points)
5. Billy BESSON/Marie RIOU (5 points)
6. Patrick DEMESMAEKER/Olivier GAGLIANI (6 points)
7. John CASEY/Colin PAGE (7 points)
8. James BAECKLER/Benjamin AMIOT (8 points)
9. Erik MARIS/Jean-Christophe MOURNIAC (9 points)
10. Ad NOORDZIJ/Maarten NOORDZIJ (10 points)
Full results can be found here. Follow the St. Barth Cata Cup 2014 on the website or Facebook eventpage.
Photo credits: Pascal Alemany