5th Murter Challenge goes to Eric-Stéphane Georges & Cantin Roger

Eric-Stéphane & Cantin flying to victory… picture by Damir Zupanic

Third and last day in Murter Challenge did provided sailors with changing conditions, from no wind to medium breeze, permitting the Race Committee lead by Captain Davor Piasevoli to launch and complete four more races, for a total of seven.

When Klaus and Bettina Dreier appeared as unbeatable in the evening of day 2, getting three wins on three sailed races, Austrian couple faced serious problems in Race 6, finishing 11, when Eric-Stéphane Georges & Cantin Roger (MAR) managed a close to perfect series of 1-1-1-3 on this final day, then gaining the 5th Murter Challenge, Swiss team Martin Joehr & Denis Giger finishing third, 1 point behind the Dreiers.

This fifth edition was undoubtedly a success, and the competitors unanimously granted a big thank you to the Organising Committee, with special mention to Drasko Andric, Chair of F18 Croatia, and key person in building this promising event, whose quality is improving year after year.

Sail N°TeamR1R2R3R4R5R6R7TotalFinal
MAR 28Eric-Stéphane Georges & Cantin Roger33211131411
AUT 003Klaus & Bettina Dreier111861112918
SUI 797Martin Joehr & Denis Giger211433253019
AUT 1941Markus Schwartz & Alexander Lauseker105745423727
CRO 002Drasko Andric & Igor Lerman84852373729
CZE 56Jon Kopun & Jon Kopic62574884032
AUT 023Manfred Zeissel & Eveline Haselsteiner57668644234
CRO 01Luka Curko & Vedran Banjeglav483914564935
CRO 006Danijel Kraljev & Marijan Uroda14691111796753
CRO 008Luka Piasevoli & Maertin Petkovic714142714147258
CRO 005Marko & Niksa Oreskovic99101299147258
CRO 004Dalibor Ljubic & Jurica Borozan111011101010147662
CRO 009Luka Drobac & Fran Zarak141414141414149884