5th Martinique Cata Raid to start today !

30 catamarans are just about to compete from 21st to 27th January in West Indies to complete a Round of Martinique sailed in 6 legs.

With 3 wins in 5 participations, Emmanuel Boulogne, crewed by his brother Vincent, appears to be the most likely winner, but he will have to back himself from numerous and serious contenders coming from France, Belgium, Switzerland and West Indies, all eager to add their names on the event’s hall of fame.

To notice the strong participation of local teams, 12 of them entering the event.

For more info :
Contact Organisation: Wind Force du Robert: Bruno Lecomte 0696 22 10 42
Contact Press: Olivier Chayé  presse@martiniquecataraid.com   tel: (0)7 68 88 09 11

event website : http://martiniquecataraid.com/fr/pages/Accueil/