Will you join the Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2015?

On 27th – 30th of August 2015 a maximum of 30 teams will have a 4-day adventure in the Stockholm Archipelago with their Formula 18 catamarans. The raid is a mix of sport, nature and adventure in the perfect F18-playground; the Stockholm Archipelago. It is a raid in the spirit of Archipelago Raid and Raid Revenge… will you be there?

The Course
The largest archipelago in Europe is also the most difficult area for navigation and gives limitless possibilities for exceptional courses between 36.000 rocks, skerries and islands to find and pass check points. The race is made up of 2 legs per day (8 legs in all weather permitting) with a lunch brake in between. Before the start of each leg, the competitors receive the course of the next leg. The competitors are free to choose their route between two checkpoints.

Teams will receive a sea chart of the area and coordinates for the checkpoints. However, it is strongly recommended to have a GPS with plotter attached to your wrist or on your chest. Sea charts are good for planning and finding the best way, but the scale is too big for close navigation. The race starts in Stockholm and finish in nearby Saltsjöbaden. Each day the fleet will sail at least 50 NM in a straight line, possibly more if the wind is good. Checkpoints will be set out later, but an example of a possible course is as follows: http://kartor.eniro.se/m/V0WM5

Base camps
There will be three base camps where’ll will finish each day: Fejan, Finnhamn or Rånö. Check out the Archipelago and the base camps on http://stockholmarchipelago.se/

After the finish the teams will have a beer and a sauna before dinner in a nice setting. The accommodation is simple in small cabins or standard youth hostel. After a good sleep your breakfast is served and the teams are briefed about the course and checkpoints for the coming day.

More info? Please visit: http://www.stockholmarchipelagoraid.com/