Welcome to New Australian F18 Board

12513620_975027195901303_1862193199932226251_oIt is our pleasure to announce Darren Flanagan took over the helm of AUS F18, after Kyle Amadio to end his term at the head of one of our strongest and most active fleets in the world.

A new team just took over the helm at AUS F18, Darren Flanagan being the new President, seconded by Grant Rodgers, Vice President, Neil Moxham, Secretary, and Jeremy Brookes, Treasurer.

Grant Rodgers keeps on being in charge of Technical and Measurement issues, as well Chris Boag remains the contact people with International Association.

It is now time to heartily thank Kyle Amadio and former Board for the job done during past years, in close connection with IF18CA, and to wish the best success to Darren’s team!

Please have a look on their superb website. (picture by Sport Sailing Photography)