VOTING – Council Meeting F18 Worlds Denmark July 2017

As Members know there has been much discussion about rule changes for the F18 Fleet. Council will vote electronically during June so that these matters can be finally resolved. Will all F18 sailors discuss with their National Officers and ensure that their views are taken into consideration.

Dear members,

I do understand the volume of paper work that is coming to you all this week. But we are discussing the future of our F18 Class. In the documents menu on our website you can find all proposals from the Netherlands and the Italian, Hungarian and French National Class Associations. 

In line with F18 Constitution, I am asking the Netherlands and the Italian/Hungarian/French NCA’s to examine each of their proposals and see if we can amalgamate any to reduce the volume of voting.

I will be sending to World Sailing (WS) to ensure that any rule changes will be accepted by their Technical Committee, for there is little point in voting. Failure by the IF18CA to agree with their Technical Dept. will mean that the rules have to go to the World Sailing Class Rules Sub-Committee, which can be a longer process. If necessary and subject to their diaries, I will visit World Sailing on Friday of this week.

Once we have had agreement, or not, that proposals can be amended, then I will send out electronic voting forms which can be completed in four weeks. Constitutional requirements for voting will be detailed in the voting forms. I know that electronic voting is not popular with all members, but this is a complex task and leaving it to a Council Meeting simply would not work. This way, each NCA has time to consider and discuss with their members.

Thank you for your patience and support,

Don Findlay
Sec. General IF18CA