Tips & Tricks: How to be caught on camera at the Worlds 2015 in Kiel

Frequently sailors ask ‘how’ to be caught on camera at a Worlds. We created a TOP 10 tips & tricks from previous events and hope this is helpful to you. Good luck and we’ll see you all in Kiel this weekend!

How To 11. Do the unexpected in front of the camera. Juke Ball (crew) has spent much of the past month in the gym working on a new signature move that will certainly “wow” sailing fans throughout the world. This photo was published in Yacht & Yachting’s Dr Crash in 2014.

How To 22. Don’t pay attention to the mark. This is a good example how to go viral on the web. These guys are so busy with their mainsail that they didn’t notice they were on a ‘collision course’.

How To 33. Pin-end is favorite. At the start the event photographer will mostly be at the pin-end. And no…, these photos cannot be used in front of the jury to handle your protest if you were over the line or not…

How To 44. Drop your spinaker slowly. When you drop your spinaker in a gentle way it will look very elegant. This a good example by Barry Swantson.

How To 55. Posing to perfection. 2014 Champions Gunnar Larsen and Ferdinand van West did the perfect pose in Ireland.

How To 66. Wipeout like a king. Of course you don’t want this to happen to you, but IF you’re planning to do please first look for the photographer and already start to make obvious moves. Then we all know what you’re up to…

How To 77. Survival mode. Act like you’re ‘really’ trying to survive that race.

How To 88. Thumbs up! Make sure your colleagues at work know you’re having a great time.

How To 99. Permission for a flyby. Yes you have! But please make an announcement first, no need to buzz the pressboat. 🙂

How To 1010. Champagne shower. This is easy, just win the event and you’ll be good.