Tight battle to get Italian National title in Dervio

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Three full racing days and all the scheduled races completed at Centro Vela Dervio for the Italian Formula 18 Catamaran Championship.

Here is the report from Alessandro Pelliccia about the long weekend on Lake Como where 24 F18s competed from 4 to 6 September:

Actually, it was hard fight in the front of the fleet all along these three days, and one had to wait until the very last of the 9 scheduled races to rank the final top four on the podium, as whoever would have done first in the last race would have been the winner…

“Breva” has been as always punctual, respecting its 2:00 pm appointment, and providing sailors with a 8 to 14 knots wind, lighter at the start and getting stronger as you went down South. Sailing options never taken for granted, and a race course to be interpreted from time to time, the rain of the last few days giving this instable wind that makes everything closer to “traditional” sailing, where the difference is not only speed.

Stunning Como Lake scenery

At the end of the day, National Title goes to the very expert Gardesani Vettori-Stella, one point ahead Mazzucchi-Lisignoli, yet another point for the third place with Matteo and Andrea Viganò (in the race standings, out of the Italian Championship the Germans Bob and Marc Baier finished third). Fourth place to Ugo “Highlander” Ferrari with the historic crew Edward Canepa at the bow, and fifth Fantasia-Recalcati to close the podium.

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Once again, F18 sport catamaran has proved to be a support offering that needed mix to make a thrilling regatta: speed, technique, strategy, tactics and a lot of passion, hence attracting several new crews and young talents!

Next appointment for the closing of the season on 10 and 11 October at Sunset in Calambrone.

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