Slight advantage to Dutch pair Noordzij-Tentij over Bontemps-Moreau before final MCR race

Ad Noordzij & Bastiaan Tentij – picture by Pierrick Contin

After 8 sailed races, Ad Noordzij & Bastiaan Tentij secured a 3 points advantage over Gurvan Bontemps & Frédéric Moreau, 24 points, US team Mathieu Marfaing – James Melvin being in a 30 points tie with local competitors Nicolas Gillet – Nicolas Poix, just ahead Benoît Champanhac – Grégoire Courtel, 31 points.

Needless to say, the podium is not played, and the last race will be decisive, especially if the Race Committee decides to launch a long distance course affected by a 1,5 coefficient.

Gurvan Bontemps & Frédéric Moreau – picture by Pierrick Contin

Provisional rankings after 8 races (before Jury)

No room at the pin end ! – picture by Pierrick Contin

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