Serious contenders to Raid Worlds title !

William & Hugo Sunnucks, 2017 Costarmoricaine Raid

Having a look at the registration page, it is now clear 2018 Costarmoricaine is just about to be the place for a tense fight between Sunnucks-Stoneham and Champanhac-Dhalenne, both teams being pretty experienced in long distance racing, not mentioning our reigning fleet racing World Champion Mischa Heemskerk, crewing his fellow mate Eduard Zanen. On top of this, it is more than likely that Emmanuel Boulogne will join the fleet as soon he finds a proper crew to replace his son Jean.

Benoît Champanhac, William Sunnucks, Manu Boulogne and Mischa Heemskerk are more than familiar with long distance racing. Having a look at F18 Hall of Fame, it is easy to see that, among numerous participations to various events (Martinique Cata Raid, Stockholm Archipelago, Costarmoricaine or St Barth Cata Cup) , Benoît won 2007 Costarmoricaine Raid, William won 2004 Stockholm Archipelago, when Emmanuel got Costarmoricaine title in 2002 and St Barth Cata Cup in 2008, Mischa and Eduard being double St Barth winners, in 2009 & 2011.

So no doubt for 2018 Raid World title to reward highly talented sailors, and for the competition to be tight until the very end of the last leg, sailing back from Fort-la-Latte and Cap Fréhel.

More pictures and videos to come shortly, thanks to Jasper van Staveren who will cover the event together with Paul Malécot.