Reigning Champions secure Nordic Title in Nynäshamn

From Lars Linder, SWE F18 – all pictures by Per Gillfjärd

Last week both the Nordic & Swedish Championships took place south of Stockholm at Nynäshamn in the Southern Archipelago.

Usually the winds are quite strong there this time of year, but this year beginning of September offered weak winds ranging from 2-12 knots. This made things difficult for the Race Officer who had to shorten races and stop one race, but in the end 9 good races were completed.

Allan Norregaard – Janne Järvinen (FIN) Nordic Championship Winners

In the light conditions the Swedes Karlsson Nordblom took the lead after the first 3 races of day 1. But from the first race on day 2 until the last race reigning champions, Finnish team Norregaard – Järvinen, where outstanding winning all races but one where they finished second.

Nordic Championship Podium

Congratulations to the Finnish Lions Norregaard Järvinen to the gold in the Nordic Championship, truly stellar sailing. The other Finnish team Räisänen Muikku had a great last day finishing 2nd while Karlsson Nordblom had a few bad races dropping down to 3rd place.

Swedish Championship Podium

Dahl Nordström (SWE) finished 4th and the young Estonian team Maivel Kookmmaa 5th. The best Nordic mixed team was the Danes Jensen Wyon followed by another Danish team, the Norups.

Fisrt mixed team Jan Hedman Jensen – Penny Wyon (DEN)

The club Nynäshamns Segelsällskap had a great organisation, plenty of good food and drinks and a warm hot dog to offer at exactly the right moment when the sailors came ashore each day. The sailors could not wish for a better setting and regatta organisation!