Orion-Gaté do confirm their leadership on Martinique Cata Raid

Nice start on the reach for Leg 2, just in front Abymes Beach, before the fleet to drop in a calm zone by Saint Pierre Bay, spreading the fleet over 2 Milles.

Three boats then gained a light breeze close to the shore, before the wind to come back from South West, permitting the whole fleet to progress windward towards Fort de France Bay, Orion Martin & Charles Gaté being clearly in front, closely followed by Gurvan Bontemps & Frédéric Moreau. After sailing upwind to Trois Îlets mark, boats crossed the line in front Schoelcher Beach, Leg 1 winners Martin/Gaté striking again, 34 seconds ahead Bontemps/Moreau.

To note the good performance from local team Nicolas Gillet & Nicolas Poix finishing 4th, after a pretty disastrous leg 1: “Yesterday we capsized in front of La Perle, falling into the mainsail, ripping it on more than 2 meters and breaking the boom, finishing 39 minutes after the winners. One single option left to us: to attack on the edge, we will see at the end… Today, we were pretty fast on windward, and we are rather happy of our sailing, finishing 4th.”

Leg 2 results.

Event website.

Pictures by Pierrick Contin.